Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It was magical! I watched Breakfast at Tiffanys, ate delicious cookies, and stayed in my PJ's. I rarely get days like this, because I usually don't let myself do nothing. For some odd reason, I feel lazy when I relax. I feel like I wasted an entire day if I do nothing but chill. What can I say, I'm crazy! I can't really say I didn't do nothing though, I did spend about half an hour this morning cleaning.

I'm hoping to babysit tomorrow night to get a little cash. I'm dying to go to the store and get some thread so I can try the sewing machine! I've watched a bunch of tutorials, now I'm just at the point that I need to try. Yay! I also need to buy another skein of yarn for one of the Christmas projects, it's taking much more yarn than I thought it would. I have the feeling that once this is done, and people see it, it'll be something everyone wants :P .

I'm thinking I might spend some time reading, I haven't been able to do that in a while. Comfy fleecy pj's and a nice book...mmm. This Christmas should be nice, I have been at my job for 3 years now, so I get paid for the whole two weeks off. I will also be babysitting for a few hours in the mornings, so I won't feel bored and like I wasted my vacation. I'm looking forward to it though, holidays all behind, no more stressing about projects! Then I can make all of the things that I want for meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Is that selfish? Nah, I have some cool ideas!