Thursday, November 19, 2009

Wow, it's Thursday?

     I can't believe what day it is. I used to want nothing more than the weekend to come, and weeks seemed to take forever. Now my weeks go by so quickly, it feels like it should only be March : / .

     This weekend is my last class for the first semester, yaaay. One whole section of training done! It was nice to ease back into school. Starting next semester, we have to do two classes at once. Eeeesh. Not a big deal for a fulltime student, kinda a big deal for a fulltime worker.

     Doing monthly budget tonight led to severely disappointing results. Why do all of the little things have to add up? I'd be perfectly fine with them if they didn't. It's so funny, because typically I'm a little more responsible, but for some damn reason I keep thinking "Oh, this will be fine to get now!" or justifying uneccessary purchases...did I REALLY need that candle, or soda, or DVD? I guess all of these things adding up does become a problem when it gets in the way of something you really wanted.