Monday, December 31, 2012

Some projects are nerdy, some are beautiful.

I'm trying to go on a yarn-diet so Shane stops getting mad at the fact that I take up an entire dresser and then some for nothing but yarn. Which leads me to my stash of Fun Fur. During my latest Ravelry-Pattern-Cruising fest I came across  this adorable pattern for that eats up the stuff.  In celebration of finishing my latest big project, I decided to whip up one of these cuties as a cat toy. My Aunt-In-Law grows catnip on her property so the buds in this Hedgie are super-fresh and potent.

Hooray, it passes muster! Vixen is currently laying all curled up with it. 

And this is the project I am celebrating finishing: 
Completed, but not blocked yet

Close up shot of pre-blocking

My very first shawl! I on a whim decided to start this gorgeous shawl with my fancy Malabrigo yarn. I can honestly say I have fallen to the dark-side...shawls are very addicting to make. This is the most fun I've had crocheting in a long time. I am already deciding on my next one. 

As you see I did one nerdy thing to balance out the beautiful thing I made. What an odd day!