Tuesday, October 6, 2009

And on with another day..

     Sometimes one hour can take much longer to pass than another. Today, that was 5pm-6pm. It lasted an eternity.
     Giving Montessori children free reign with now guidelines, no order - leads to complete chaos. Trying to do my craft for the day today, I found this out quickly. We're making those art-papers that are all black, but when you scratch the black off with something wooden, there is a rainbow of color underneath. The first step is to color the white posterboard with crayons, and when coloring, to push hard so the crayon layer is thick. This was the first difficult hurdle, since for some reason, they're afraid to push hard with their crayons. Also, the colors should all be touching, with no white spaces showing - obstacle number two. I had kids dying for their turn to do it, and they second they picked up a crayon, they wanted to make their mark on the paper ASAP, so they just went berzerk with color. After one hour of repeating the instructions, and constant tutorials on how to color on the board, I was all multicolored and exhausted. I spent that whole hour doing nothing but filling in the little white spots ( I must seem incredibly anal) until I gave up, and decided the next board we use tomorrow, I'm making a very light pencil diagram giving them each their own individual box to color. Who knew crayons could be so difficult?
     Our apartment managers decided it was cool enough (how nice of them to ask) and that the A/C should be shut off for the year. Yes, while it is nice outside, it still gets ungodly hot in here during the day. So the kitties have spent a while locked in the bedroom so we can have the window open (no screen = awesome) to cool it down in here. We've been watching Dexter, preparing to buy season 3 soon, I believe.
     My current crochet projects are - Erica's thingy, a coupon pouch (after being inspired from my awesome camera pouch), and a carry case for our DSi + games. I've only got one piece left on Erica's thingy to finish before complete assembly (I'm terrified). I really should have tried making one for myself before one for a friend, again since this is completely unscripted and using no pattern, just freehanding. The smaller other projects are just for the satisfaction of actually finishing something occasionally. Big projects can sometimes be disheartening because it's hard to see progress.
     Seeing everyone decorate for Halloween makes me so jealous. There's a house I walk by everyday on the way to work that has been full-on decorated for a month now. They've got a whole graveyard thing going on in their yard, hanging bats, etc...I can't wait to have our own place someday that I can go crazy decorating. Although I'm more the Christmassy person - Our "Christmas" lights are still in the front window from last Christmas. They're those awesome LED ones...they're not X-massy colored, so I figure, why take em down?
     Mother is back from her spontaneous road trip to see her hubby's family in Indiana. She reports that Alabama and Tennessee are terrifying.
     I have also decided I need to start writing again more. And I need to learn how to fucking use photoshop, I can't get it to do a goddamn thing to any picture, at all. Trying to assemble the photo project I've been working on, and I'd like to tweak some of the photos, but I can't figure out how :( .
Silly kid quote for the day -
Kid - *Falls over, lays limp to the point I think he might be unconscious*
Me - Are you ok!?
Kid - Yeah. The Green Goblin got me. *Gets up and bolts away*