Tuesday, October 20, 2009


     Only two more classes in this semester left, and then I'm done with one subject in my training! then only 3 semesters left. Huzzah!
     Dead Like Me is an amazing show, and is my new favorite.
     It's so much easier to start a new project than it is to finish one. The thought of starting something new, how it might pan out...I love it. The satisfaction of finally finishing something is great too, I just enjoy what something new might hold a little more. Fought the urge tonight to start my Christmas project, and made myself work more on projects already started. I also decided to go back and redo one part of Erica's thing, cuz it was all wiggly and stupid and I hated the way it looked. So that will take a teensy bit longer, but it'll make my brain happy.
     I wish I had the time to read! Busy cleaning up the apartment after being sick for a freaking week, as well as pluggin through projects, and brainstorming for my homework for class this weekend.
     I decided also, that even though we walk everywhere, we're not losing any weight because we don't walk fast enough to get our heart rates up. So starting with this week, the walk home and the walk to work is a lot faster.  Yes we're already partially excersizing, but it's not enough.
     Tonight was burrito night. Can't beat a warm tortilla, hot beans, and cheeeeeeeese when it's a teensy tiny bit chilly outside. (Shuttup, it was like 79 on my walk home, I was cold.)