Sunday, November 1, 2009


This was a wonderful weekend. If anything it helped me to realize how neurotic I am.
     Saturday was spent babysitting for the morning. When I came home, we walked to a small hole in the wall pizza place down the street, then continuted to the second hand store. I got a shirt for a resewing project, a Christmas wall hangy thingy, an amazing throw blanket, a mint condition Dooney and Bourke (one of the cute ones with the multicolored letters), and a beautiful tan soft as butter Coach purse, and a super cute Orange Piggy bank. I originally was looking at knitted blankets for future ideas, and to see if I could find some yarn to salvage and make into something new, but I fell in love with this blanket that is delicately knitted what I think is either alpaca yarn or angora. It's soft colors and intricate work made me love it. I know anyone else who would have bought it would not care for it like I will, so I had to buy it. And the purses, oh goodness. I about cried when I saw them.  I spotted the Dooney first, and after a thorough inspection determined it to be authentic, I thought I had hit paydirt. Shane pointed out the Coach, isn't he well trained? After inspecting it, I found the authenticity brand mark and the serial number inside, and Shane just sighed. A gleeful walk home full of strutting was in order!
     When I got home I worked on Erica's thing for the rest of the day. I set out to do it, and it took about 8 hours of straight work, but oh god, it's so awesome. I taught myself SO MANY THINGS doing this. It by no means looks professional, it has it's own quirks, but fuck, I wish I could keep it, but I know the home it's going to, and I know it will be well cared for. I will post pictures after she recieves it! Then we flopped in bed exhausted.
     I got up this morning, and the cleaning bug bit me. We did an alllllll out "Spring Cleaning" on the apartment. I'm talkin, getting rid of stuff, dusting in corners, wiping baseboards all out cleaning. We took a break and walked to the store to do our shopping, and when we got home, we watched "Across the Universe", the musical using nothing but Beatles songs. Our vote? A big fat MEH. I understand what they were trying to do, but I don't agree with the Beatles songs they used to convey the message. And several parts to the movie were nothing but putting in another Beatles song, and had nothing to do with the plot. It also jumped around a bit, and assumed you knew everything that was going on. So, again, meh. We finished our cleaning, and I was so happy, I pushed through and finished Erica's project!!! COMPLETELY! We're probably going to head to the Post Office tomorrow to ship it off! If I can get my ass outta bed.
     So all in all, it was such a wonderfully productive weekend, I could just about pop with glee. My concience will be able to rest tonight, and not nag me about cleaning, or unfinished projects.