Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gathering thoughts

I've taken a small hiatus from crafting (gasp~!) and writing to gather my thoughts. I've actually been reading a bit more about Montessori classrooms, teachers, theories, and environments. I've learned a ton in the past two weeks about it, and I do believe I'm going to let those thoughts continue to flow in the form of writing. I know this won't really be interesting to anyone but myself, but I'm going to start a separate blog just for this reason. I contemplated doing it here, but this is more for my personal life. After reading these AMAZING Montessori blogs -  and, I have realized I want to know everything I can about Montessori, and see the growth and enlightenment it brings.

Now to stop boring you!

I'm starting a neato purse from some awesome yarn my boss gave me ("It just screamed Nena!") on my crochet hooks, and I'm going to start a hat sometime soon (When I stop being afraid of circular needles, and stop obsessing about gauge).  I also participated in an awesome internet yarn-stash swap. I scored some really pretty royal blue bamboo/wool yarn and some neon pink/black/and white wool yarn. Having never really used wool before, I'm thinking of trying my hand at felting (the process of washing wool in warm/hot water, agitating it so you can no longer see the "knit" stitches, it just looks like a solid piece of fabric.)

The past two days has been a torrent of rain in Phoenix, which is weird. Us Phoenicians don't quite know what to do with ourselves when water falls out of the sky. This of course leads to accidents, one of which happened at about 10pm last night, knocking out our power for 3 hours. We walked to the corner store and grabbed soda and some Snickers bars, then came home and played Scrabble by candlelight. It was actually really fun, and I was able to keep my uber-competitiveness in check!