Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yes yes

My "Study-buddy" and I went and picked up our books for this semester tonight, very excited. I'm not sure why, I know I'll be exhausted before too long. The thing that excites me is that this semester I'm learning about the area of Montessori I like most - Sensorial. Very very neat materials, with awesome and very intelligent purposes.

One part of my teacher quest is trying to better myself as much as I can. I read something about how being a Preschool Montessori teacher (or teacher in general) is very difficult, because we ourselves have to become what we want the children to do. We have to carry ourselves like we're teaching them to, use words like we want them to, be perfect examples, otherwise what we teach is pointless. An engineer has a difficult job calculating specifications, yes, but they don't have to emulate what they're trying to engineer. Hard to explain what the concept is, I guess. So daily I observe the teachers around me, and nitpick myself to try to be better at what I do. It's very hard, actually, trying to change habits about yourself, nuances, subtle things you do to make yourself a great example. I watch the head teacher of the classroom and make mental notes constantly. She is so amazing at what she does, I learn something new from her everyday.

Enough about that!

I've been a complete vegetable since the Winter Break - when I get home at night, I loaf around, crochet or knit a little bit, that's about it. I guess I shouldn't feel too guilty about it though, I keep pretty busy usually, and things are definitely about to pick up in pace again.

The meal-plan calendar is working magnificently. We've saved a ton of money, and stuck to it! (Except tonight, when I was coming back from getting my books, I found my FAVORITE RESTAURANT on the way home, when I had no idea there was one there. For reference, Erica, it's the sub place I made you guys go with me when you were here. They've for the most part, all closed down due to "economic stress" so when I saw one, I was overjoyed!) Other than that, we've only eaten out once in 2 weeks now. Drastic improvement. Our grocery trips now cost at MOST 25$.  Zip-a-dee-doo-da!