Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

I only watch for the commercials. A few have made me chuckle, but I think that the overall pizazz of Superbowl Commercials over the years has dropped. It's not as big of a deal anymore, I wonder why. Speaking of which, how much did Doritos pay this year, jeez. They've had one commercial per break.

I'm so excited, my Saturday Montessori classes are right next to Bookmans in Mesa. I LOVE BOOKMANS. My study-buddy and I went there yesterday after class, but my ADD wouldn't let me focus on trying to find anything I wanted. I do plan on making a more detailed list so I can look for certain things next time... muahahaha.

I'm loving my new hair, it's so easy to do! Brushing my hair doesn't take half an hour anymore! Everyone needs new hair!