Saturday, February 13, 2010


Where indeed does time go?

I'm lately finding my time consumed by my Montessori Blog and just reading as much as I can.

This weekend should be interesting - No class Saturday, No school Monday, no class Monday night. Doesn't mean it's not a weekend chock-full of things to do! Free-time can be overwhelming!

We watched what we could of the Olympic Opening Ceremonies tonight. Shane and I were dying laughing at Canada's interpretation of it's own culture. Really Canada, Fiddle-playing is an important part of your heritage? Tap-dancing? Sarah McLaughlin? The floor light show was neat though. We both sat there hoping the giant lighted polar-bear was going to eat the random performers.

However as sarcastic as all of that may be, watching the Olympics procession of countries was very inspiring. We're all whipping about through space at breakneck speed on this blue globe of water, and we can still all somehow find something we all have in common enough to set aside our typically rocky relations.

Something else very interesting that I found - I have loved Stephen Colbert for some time now, and after reading his wikipedia page tonight was linked to the video of him addressing the White House's 2006 Correspondents dinner...That man has some guts, seriously. I was dying laughing not only at what he said, but the reactions of the people in the room. Most were sitting there uncomfortably, adjusting their clothing. The few who realized what was really going on were rolling laughing, the less-brave ones stifling laughter. Shane couldn't believe that I had never seen that before. I don't exactly remember how I was introduced to the Colbert Report, but I've found it funny for a few years at least. Sad to see I missed out, but I'm glad I was able to find videos on youtube.

I'm working on a few crochet projects - I'm making a birthday present for my boss, a pair of socks for a co-worker, and hopefully after this weekend, starting a blanket for my friend! We're going to convene sometime this long weekend to plot our ideas. Whee! I just find it so much easier to make things for other people, instead of myself. Projects of my own keep getting put down because I keep thinking "Oh, I can finish that some other time." Even though I do have plenty of things I need to make! Such as -
This scarf, which I made, and didn't realize how cool it was till I blocked it, dried it, and mailed it off! I have some pretty silver thread that I think will look good. Hooray lace!
(Love you guys, my favorite picture ever Erica!)