Saturday, May 1, 2010


By chance, I stumbled across a flyer for a local food co-op!

Basically, you pay a little bit of money, and you get a giant amount of locally grown food. $15 on this specific site gets you a fruit / veggie full of 6 different veggies and 6 different fruits. This co-op has been operated for a long time, and they've got the costs nailed down to a T - by buying a basket, you save 35$ on what you would normally spend buying these things at a grocery store. It also has different ethnic food packages, (The mexican  one is OVERKILL) bread, desserts, and snacks. You select what you want when it's time for your location to order, then you pick it up that Saturday during your designated time at a location you select. Is that not awesome? I've been looking for a way to add more fruits and veggies to our diet, and my findings in our local grocery store's fresh food department has been rather lackluster lately. We're thinking of splitting the cost and the basket with someone else, because it seems a bit overkill for just two people!

I've been looking to find one of these for a long time, and didn't know where to look. Hooray!