Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sewing ain't hard!

Really! I did it!

I made a pillow for a good friend as my first sewing project. My seams are mostly straight, and the pillow-form fit in when I was done. I am so excited! I added the crocheted flowers because a plain blue pillow was too much.    All in all, I think I did an O.K. job! 

Things should be changing up soon! I will hopefully be starting to work in the morning for my coming internship instead of evenings, which is weird considering since I've worked at the school, I've always been there in the afternoon! I welcome change, however, as it gets me more of a chance to see the classroom in action. Plus, I'm hoping it will feel like I actually have more of a day left, instead of coming home when it's dark. Working in the middle of the day can be a little wonky.

The only crochet project I'm working on right now is a flower-motif blanket for a good friend. I need approx. 590-600 flowers to make the blanket. Go go go go go! I'm thinking of making a belt, I've been wanting to make one for a while for myself. 

A small part of me wants to make some stuff and try my hand at selling on Etsy...But I don't know how good I'd do. Handmade knit / sewn things are pretty common, but I also think "What could it hurt?" Maybe some of the things I make would be right up someone else's alley? Not like Etsy charges you an arm and a leg if anything doesn't sell. Just wondering, what would I make and put on there? *ponder*

My reading lately has consisted of Bill Bryson's In A Sunburned Country, a travel-log of Australia. Bill Bryson is absolutely hilarious: we own many of his books. Laugh out loud funny, and very informative!