Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Time skip to present!

Lets just pretend I've been updating this whole time, shall we?

I've made new things! Lots of new things!

This was originally supposed to be a Nintendo DS case that I started over a year ago. It has since been re purposed into a coin pouch for using while going to Yard Sales, my favorite Saturday pastime. May it be known that this is the fist time I've ever done a zipper. Not too shabby!

This is my small coin flower for my card game dough. I really enjoyed making it, and it turned out more flower-like than I envisioned. I wrote the pattern down so I'm going to try making another. I might post the pattern because everyone needs one of these.

Blue bag here was supposed to be an awesome pattern I found at the library, but ran out of ribbon-yarn for so I just made it a simple bag. The ribbon gave the bag a very interesting texture / shine. The bag is reversible so the tassels can be on the outside if I desire.

As a way to make myself blog more, I have another post all ready for some awesome stuff I've found yard sale-ing so stay tuned!