Saturday, August 18, 2012

Yard Sale SCORES!

A few weekends ago I hit absurd pay-dirt at some garage sales. I typically go for Montessori-useful things, but happened to find LOTS of yarn.

First score of the day was this gorgeous yarn:

It is %100 Alpaca. YES! One cake has some minor damage, as if someone cut it with scissors. There was also a Work In Progress on some circular needles included, as well as some random green yarn that feels like wool. This bag of treasure cost me 50 cents!

Thinking it couldn't get any better we continued yard sale-ing and found this mysterious bag:

The packaging is vague and not something I recognized so I asked the person selling if we could look in the sealed bag. I found two awesome yarn balls inside, so I offered 50 cents to start.

 The woman kind of scoffed at me, then said "My son gave me that for Christmas...Oh, sure!" We looked through the bag when I got in the car and noticed it had a pair of giant needles, sewing needles, some patches and a pattern. We looked it up when we got home and found this: . Notice the price? I sure did.

As far as plans for each - the Alpaca yarn needs to be washed before I decide what to do with it, it's shedding quite a bit right now. I also need to take that one cake apart and find out how much is lost to the cutting. The Wool and the Gang yarn is so oversized and thick, I'm not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe an awesome double-thick Mobius cowl or something...I'm still tossing ideas around.