Sunday, November 25, 2012

Calendars and Schedules

Life is always great at changing your routine. I've never been one of those people that can just remember things, so I have to keep visual track of my days. I was going to buy a new wall calendar, but then saw a post in Pinterest about making your own dry-erase calendar using paint samples from Home Depot or such. What's that!? A craft that also fulfills an actual need? I'm on it!

 Here's the complete strip I used. I drew a line on each with a ruler and cut the words off, then trimmed the white spaces out.

These three photographs were trying to figure out what arrangement I wanted. I like how the most-white space is Wednesday in the bottom picture, so that's what I went with. (Wednesday, White...get it?)

  Centering and gluing each tile was the most time consuming part.

The completed calendar, with bonus overhead-boob-lamp reflection!

And here's the calendar filled out for this month.

All in all it was a simple project that already gets tons of use. Total cost for this project was -

Frame - .50 @ yardsale
White Board -  .75 @ Dollar Store
Paint Chips - free @ Home Depot

TOTAL = $1.25 for something I would have paid much more for!