Sunday, September 2, 2012

I knit something!

I stepped outside my Crochet-Comfort zone and did something new - 

My first knit scarf!

The yarn was one I was sent from Germany. It changes size throughout as you can see, which I thought would be great for hiding mistakes in my first ever knit project. It's a Wool / Alpaca blend which is why it's slightly hairy. The button is one of my Oma's antique buttons that matched the scarf perfectly.

I love working with the knit. I didn't have to make a buttonhole since the fabric is so stretchy. As you see here the scarf is somewhat rolled around the neck, but it can be opened up to be larger. I used giant needles which felt a little silly and cumbersome at first but I got the hang of it about halfway through. I've attempted to knit before with metal needles and found them terribly slippery, so using these wood needles was perfect. Who knew it could really make that much of a difference?