Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas time, christmas time!

I LOVE this time of year. We spent this weekend out and about, shopping! It was great - We actually didn't spend that much money, but we got plenty! Our focus was getting things to complete our Christmas Gift projects, and prepare to mail out our Christmas Cards. I've never done my own Christmas Cards before! Yay! I've been collecting everyone's addresses in my fancy new address book. Getting mail is fun.

I also recieved the name of the person I'm getting things for for my internet Secret Santa exchange. I'm doing a very neat and awesome scarf, I'll post pictures of it once it's done.

We found out the other day that apparently, we've been living in this apartment without a lease for 3 months now - so I think we might just go ahead and move...I've got two weeks off at the end of the month, and it's not horribly hot outside like it usually is when we move!

Hey - guess what I did last night - I baked cookies! I didn't burn the apartment down! And they're actually pretty tasty! I did it all by myself too, Shane didn't have to help!

I have a TON of projects on my plate at the moment, which for someone with my ADD makes me happy happy happy! I need to make something for the work Christmas party next weekend, finish my two urgent gifts, finish one for the family for Christmas Day, and a few for friends! And somehow make myself something in between too. One of my co-workers the other day said "One of the high points of my day is seeing what new scarf Nena has on today." I didn't even realized that I owned that many. I really could benefit from living somewhere colder.

Yesterday when we were at the store, I was dressed like a ragamuffin. I was wearing grey sweats and a grey sweater, and my messy unbrushed hair was tossed up in a ponytail - I ran into one of my kids' families, and a co-worker. Ugh. Why only when I look like crap? Why not the rest of the time when I look halfway presentable?