Sunday, December 20, 2009


aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaackplbtysh! I made a huge post, clicked publish, and it tells me there was an error and to hit back. I go back, everything's gone :(.

Basically, I've been really busy getting ready for Christmas with the kids at school, and then all last week I was really sick with the stomach flu. Wheeeee. While I was sick, I recieved my Secret Santa gift - I got two really awesome and cute pink reusable grocery bags, a pink ADIDAS toiletry bag, a Gingerbread house cookie jar, and a couple other small things. Yay Christmas! The charity of strangers!

Yesterday was busy as hell, Shane and I had to go mail some stuff (Secret Santa gift, and something for his parents). Afterwards we went shopping, and I picked up some pink knitting needles, so I can teach myself knitting over the break. As soon as we walked home (6mile roundtrip, walking eesh) my boss called to say that she was on her way to pick me up to go to our work Christmas party. That was a lot of fun, we did a "Bad Christmas" or "Yankee Swap" type thing where you can either steal someone's already opened gift, or pick an unopened one. I designed (I guess you could say) a really neato scarf, which Amelia recieved and loves. I got 3 cheesecakes (one cherry, chocolate, and regular)  which are currently missing some pieces already. :D  Immediately after the party, Amy took me to my babysitting gig. It was nice, I got to reflect on the busy busy day.

So over the break, I'm babysitting mon-weds on both weeks. I plan on practicing with the sewing machine, and teaching myself to knit. Yaaay! I'll be turning our now spare desk (since the old computer bit the dust) into my little work station. This way I don't clutter up our tiny diningroom table with it, since it is kinda large. I've built up a teensy supply of neato fabrics, and I already have a ton of ideas. (Mostly purses, you guys know me.) We also are going to be looking for a nice place to move while I'm on my break, perhaps we can move while it's not 120degrees outside! We're looking in the same area, of course, as I have to be near work. Maybe something not on the main road so it's a little quieter, or a little more towards Scottsdale. It'll be a little more expensive, but then we won't have to deal with the awful, hideous neighbors we have been dealing with. This place is SO noisy all day long, it's so icky. OH CRAP I just remembered we put laundry in almost an hour ago.