Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Day After Christmas!

This Christmas did not disappoint. I received many wonderful gifts, one of which I'm using right now! My new pink laptop!!! Fancy, I know. All I could manage to say was "It's PINK!!!" over and over again. Shane and I also received a nice 48pc dish set, and 45 piece silverware serving set. We can be fancy! I don't think we'll unpack it until we move - then we can just toss out all the old cracked, chipped, and mis-matched dishes, and start with a new, fancy matched set! From Amelia I got a beautiful frame I can't wait to use, and a set of Crystal (!) ornaments. I got two Knitting books from Chelsea - one of which was on my Amazon Wish list! (Stitch n Bitch, one of the greatest knitting books ever!)

Speaking of knitting, I've nailed cast-on, knit, and purl! Woohoo! Now I can move on to actually making stuff! It is a little harder than Crocheting, but it's more versatile. However I did just learn how to make lace with crochet, which is something you can do with knitting, but is easier with crochet.

I think a good first project with my sewing machine is going to be a laptop case - WOOOO!!! (pink of course!)