Friday, January 1, 2010

Reflecting on 2009

30 Minutes left in this year. Lets review, shall we?

Started off 2009 getting married. I do believe we didn't do much on our wedding night, I'm pretty sure we went to bed early. Oh, I remember now, we were housesitting at the time. We're so boring. Working at my wonderful job, not a whole lot changed. I did start school to get my Montessori Certification, that's exciting! Shane's parents flew down here in the Spring, and we had our belated wedding celebration. Spent a week with them - actually pretty fun! Went to Blizzcon in August - tons of fun with Shaun and Erica - Realized we had more fun being with them than the whole trip, really. Became a crochet-a-holic, making tons of projects for friends, family, and myself. Huzzah! Aquired a funtastic and cute kitten, Nymeria, who's been a valuable learning tool for Shane. (muahahah)

What hasn't changed?
 Residence (hopefully in the next few weeks it will!)
Marital Status (this is a good thing)
Love for Chocolate

All in all, I'm not going to reflect badly upon 2009. I know some people had a bad year, but unfortunately in life, you cannot fully appreciate the wonderful years without a bad year thrown in. I'm hoping that 2010 (It's so hard to write that, I keep putting 20010...TWO ZEROS DAMMIT) will be a good year for everyone. I love my friends, I love my family, and I wish everyone nothing but the absolute best.

(I do however want that loud, drunk, yelling jerk outside to stop hooting and playing bad music.)


On another note, non-New-Year related -

I made a meal calendar for us. I went all crazy, did a spreadsheet in Excel, and made a 6day, 4 week calendar (One day free for whatever we want / leftovers). It was a truly wonderful experience for my terribly anal side. I even made a special Shopping Check List to make our Grocery trips more efficient. The Calendar/ List has numerous reasons for it's creation.
1. If I pick what I want to eat, it's too hard to accommodate what I want each night, so our pantry was artificially bloated with odd-cravings foods.
2. I'm usually absolutely starving when I get off work at 6, so Shane is going to use the calendar to make food ahead of time, instead of waiting an hour to get settled, then have dinner.
3. If the food is already made, I'll eat it - we all know I can't cook.
4. Weight loss method - Much healthier options are on the menu - No more "white" foods. (Just as a general food, not because they are actually white. Starchy foods like white bread, potatoes, etc)
5. Money saving method - By doing this, we actually save a ton, because we're using what we have in our pantry MUCH more efficiently. For example, I did things very planned out. If we buy ground meat one week, we use it for a few things that week. If tortillas are bought, it's planned that the whole package gets used before the expiration date. We found we'd buy things like buns, or fresh veggies, and they wouldn't get completely used before they went bad.
6. I'm anal, and this killed 2 nights of planning / editing / printing. YAY!

So...aside from that little anal tangent, I'm still working on my ugly Franken-dishtowel. It's all....looped on some spots. As I go, it does get better, but the beginning isn't pretty. I have been ultimately motivated to make  my own household items. I'm going to make a really neat set of placemats, a big lace tablecloth to fit our octagon shaped table, etc. This is my plan because of our new dishes that we got. They're beautiful - plain white, flat, slightly square shaped. I love completely neutral things like that, and adding kooky accessories. The placemats are all going to be different colors, different techniques, but the same size. Our glasses are all crazy too, trust me, I have a theme! ECLECTIC!

Oh god...I'm turning domestic. One year of marriage-----It's sinking iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

The other night, as a solution to Vixen sometimes beating up Nymeria, we bought her Soft Claws.

 THEY'RE PIIIIIIIINK. I must say, I'm jealous. She's been really good with them too, not chewing them off. Plus, it's stylish.

Oh, there, look. I took so long to type this, it's 2010. Happy New Year!